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W.C. Construction Company, LLC is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with over forty years of combined experience within the construction workforce. Our high level of professionalism, integrity and innovation has given us an advantage over our competitors in the construction industry today.

Our company focus is directed in areas of new building construction, additions, up-fitting/renovation, and land development. In each of these areas of practice, our company provides general contracting, construction management, and/or design-build services.

W.C. Construction Company, LLC is licensed for unlimited building and highway in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.



Pre-construction services includes time that we spend with the client to help develop their vision. Our company will assist in providing scope details, budgets, schedules and potential construction related concerns. Our early involvement will assist in the ability to have a smooth transition from pre-construction to construction to ensure your project is “designed, built and delivered” in a manner that meets your expectations.

General Contracting

As a general contracting company, we serve as the prime contractor that directly contracts with the owner for alternative construction methods. Our company is responsible for the means and methods of executing contract administration, according to contract documents. Typically, we subcontract phases of the construction process to trade vendors; however, portions of the project may be self-performed by our own force.


Concrete is a major component in the beginning and completion of a construction project. Our concrete service division will provide turnkey concrete services in the areas of curb and gutter, site (sidewalks & pads) concrete, stamped concrete, foundations, and slab-on-grade work. In addition to our comprehensive concrete services, we also offer top-notch masonry work to further enhance the construction process. Our skilled masons are proficient in creating stunning brick or stone facades, building sturdy walls, and retaining structures, and adding intricate detailing to architectural elements.

Design Build

During our Design-Build delivery approach, we provide assistance to clients throughout the entire stage of the project by fostering the design and construction professionals to collaborate relationships simultaneously. This system allows us to minimize project liability for the owner and allow the project schedule to be reduced and eliminate overlapping of the design and construction phases of the project. Another advantage to this delivery system is that all components are under one single source in which the owner would provide his/her conceptual idea to the builder to be developed.

Construction Management

Our construction management delivery system permits our company to provide assistance in the areas of: project management, time and quality management, safety and cost-effective management and contract administration. This approach allows us to monitor the responsibilities of the project designer and contractors, while serving as an advisor to the owner. This system also allows us to minimize project liability for the owners and allow the project schedule to be reduced by defining project limitations and opportunities in the early phases of design development.

Facility Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance Management is crucial for our company as it ensures the optimal operation of facilities. We prioritize effective planning, organization, and execution of maintenance activities to uphold functionality, safety, and longevity. Our approach encompasses:

Selective Demolition, Miscellaneous Painting, Minor Carpentry/Drywall Repair, Door/hardware replacement, Signage, Millwork, Glazing, Flooring Replacement, Incidental Concrete Replacement, (sidewalks, pads, curbs etc.), Facade Replacement/Repair, Masonry Replacement/Repair, Pavement Repairs (including speed bumps/parking striping/ parking bumper replacement), Minor Roofing Replacement/Repair

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